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Closed Circuit Television/Digital Video Systems

Security video has been dramatically changed by recent revolutions in technology, and Pacific Alarm Systems is at the forefront of the industry.

Audio Video for Home or Office

Today’s digital cameras can link over networks to offer smarter features than traditional tape-based systems. Computers offer greater storage capacities, enhanced searching, and the option to quickly sift through data. Pacific Alarm Systems utilizes Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology for video storage. That means you will never change a tape again. A DVR allows you to store, archive, and access video locally on a network or from a remote location.

Because digital video is scalable and can use existing networks, it is also highly cost-effective. Good planning is key to this complex field. Professionally installed surveillance cameras can be an effective deterrent to theft, assault, and vandalism. Pacific Alarm Systems can install a wide range of surveillance cameras to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, from night vision to vandal-resistant to covert cameras.

CCTV by Pacific Alarm Systems Closed Circuit Television CCTV is a video surveillance system that allows you to watch high risk areas or sensitive transactions. Also can addresses employee safety issues. Cameras can be mounted in locations such as parking lots, entryways and hallways to deter intruders and to keep employees safe on company premises. CCTV can deter the potential thief, the “inaccurate” delivery vendor and the dishonest employee by its very presence. The surveillance video can be stored on a DVR. Activity can be continuously recorded to spot “slip and fall” fraud.

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