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A Mother’s View

– Tera Frederick

Mother's Point Of View

Kay, so, I’m a single working mom and there are times I can’t be there for my nine-year-old daughter like I would like. I’m trying to take calls, make sales and go from meeting to meeting, all while trying to juggle the important things in life, like making sure my daughter knows she always comes first. So, how do I stay completely in tune with both my professional and personal world….

Ring, Ring…

Me: ”Honeywell, this is Tara, how can I help you?”.

Ashlee: “Mommy, my hair looks terrible and Nana doesn’t know how to fix it!”

Me: “Ashlee, what are you talking about?”

Ashlee: “Today is picture day Mom, and my hair is sticking up in the back and Nana doesn’t get it!”

Me: “Ashlee, I’m at work…I’m sure it’s just fine”.

Ashlee: “How can you say that? You can’t even see it!”

Here’s my option, tell her to buck up, go to school and hope that my mom doesn’t have too much of an issue getting her to school. Or two, validate what I am saying to her. . .Bam, I’m connected!

Very quickly, I logged on to my Honeywell Total Connect account, pulled up the camera I needed and there she was.

Me: “Ashlee, go stand in front of the TV.” (That’s where I have my camera.)

Ashlee: “Okay?”

Me: “Honey, that pink shirt you have on looks great for pictures and your hair, I dig it! That’s how CeCe from Shake it Up wears it. Kid, you’re rocking it out!”

Ashlee: “Wait, you can see me?”

Me: “Yep, now show me how you’re going to pose for your picture and smile!”

Suddenly, she is smiling and she goes to school with no issue for my mom. Now, I understand not every day is going to go that smoothly, but man, was it nice to use my security cameras in a way that works best for my living situation! I never thought about using my cameras for anything more than just security. Now, I can be in two places at once and she knows I’m a little closer, even when I’m not.

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